Film and Video Arts

Digital 3D Animation using Maya: Diploma Description

With a diploma in Digital 3D Animation using Maya, you'll have the skills you need for a career in professional animation using some of the most cutting edge graphics software there is. This article describes some of the skills you will learn and...

Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia: Career Diploma Description

A student interested in entering a career in the film or media industry can learn modern techniques with a Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia Diploma. The careers a student can enter with this diploma are as follows: film director, lightning...

Digital Video Editing and Design: Diploma Description

In order to enter the modern world of filmmaking or video making, you need to know how to use digital video equipment. A graduate with this knowledge can enter the digital video field as a director or editor or within the film industry as an...

Film , Television, and Theatre Acting: Diploma Summary

A student with a Diploma in Film, Television and Theatre Acting will have the skills to perform in the movies, on the stage or on TV. The careers that are possible with this diploma are: stage actor, film actor, television actor, acting coach...

Film and Video Production: Career Diploma Summary

Students who earn a Film and Video Production Diploma will have the skills to produce material for film and video. Here are a few careers a person can enter with this degree: film director, television director, movie producer, film editor and...

Television Production: Career Diploma Programs

With a Television (TV) Production Diploma, graduates obtain the skills to act as producers, broadcasters, television writers, and other media professionals in the television and video production industry. A program in TV Production will focus on...

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