July 2008

The Top 10 College Movie Characters Jul 28, 2008

After trying to make a list of the top ten college movie characters of all time, we realized that narrowing it down to ten might be impossible?so here is a collective list of the best characters to appear in college movies.

25 Places to Find Free Online Audio Books Jul 24, 2008

Audio books can be expensive to buy. Fortunately, there are lots of sites that let you download and listen to free audio books online. Here are 25 places to find the best in fiction, nonfiction and verse.

10 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks Jul 23, 2008

College students spend, on average, nearly $1,000 on textbooks every single year. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are lots of different ways students can save money on college textbooks. Here are ten of the best.

Virtual Campus Tours: Tour the Campus of 25 Top Colleges and Universities Jul 10, 2008

Touring a campus is the best way to evaluate a school's academic buildings, cultural venues and recreational sites. If you can't physically make the trip, a virtual campus tour is the next best thing. Here are 25 virtual campus tours that you can...

Featured Schools

Kaplan University

  • Master of Science - DNP Executive Leader
  • Master: Legal Studies
  • Undergraduate in Legal Studies
  • AASBA in Business
  • Psychology

Which subject are you interested in?

George Mason University

  • Master of Education in Special Education, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate

What is your highest level of education?

The George Washington University

  • Masters in Interdisciplinary Secondary Transition Services
  • Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Care Quality
  • Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Development

What is your highest level of education?

Georgetown University

  • Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Masters of Professional Studies in Technology Management

What is your highest level of education completed?

University of Delaware

  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration - Finance

What is your highest level of education completed?

ECPI University

  • Bachelor's - Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Associate's - Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Web Design & Dev

What is your highest level of education?

Saint John's University

  • Ph.D. in Literacy
  • Ph.D. in Literacy: Educational Leadership
  • Master of Business Administration: Interdisciplinary Business
  • Master of Business Administration: Taxation

What is your highest level of education?

Keiser University

  • Master of Business Administration - Management (Spanish)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration with a concentration in Transportation and Logistics
  • Associate of Sciences - Information Technology
  • Grad Business Certificate - Management and Leadership

What is your highest level of education?