Accounting Assistant Degrees: Career Diploma, Associate & Online Study

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An accounting assistant diploma will allow the graduate to work in an accounting department of a business overseeing many of the day to day duties. They may work on spreadsheets, bookkeeping or payroll. Read more about this career below.
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What is an Accounting Assistant Diploma Program?

An accounting assistant diploma program will teach students basic accounting techniques and computer programs that are used in most accounting departments. Accounting assistants work closely with accountants to make sure that all transactions their company is involved in are accurate and complete.

Required Courses:

While most training will be on the computer, there are other courses that students must complete before receiving their degree. Basic courses required include:

  • Accounting
  • Basic business
  • Tax law
  • Career planning

Skills Obtained:

The skills obtained from earning an accounting assistant diploma will help students communicate more efficiently with co-workers and customers. Additional skills include creating spreadsheets and performing bookkeeping, payroll, and other administrative duties that will occur during the day.

Career Related Information

Reasons to Earn an Accounting Assistant Diploma:

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics,, the need for those who can assist accountants by juggling many job duties during the day will be in demand as other workers retire or change careers.

Salary Information:

Those who have an accounting assistant diploma can expect to earn between $22,000 and $35,000 annually.

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Accounting Assistant Diploma:

Students who are able to perform administrative duties along with accounting duties will be in demand by most medium and large accounting departments due to downsizing and combining job titles. This means that students should be able to act in a professional manner when speaking with customers and employees; they should be able to use specific computer programs; and they should be able to schedule meetings and other events.

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Herzing University

  • Associate of Science - Accounting
  • Associate of Science - Business Studies
  • Associate of Science - Business Management

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Keiser University

  • Associate of Arts - Accounting

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Indiana Wesleyan University

  • A.S. Accounting
  • A.S. Business
  • A.S. General Studies - Business

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American InterContinental University

  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration

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Southwestern College