Dental Administrator: Career Diploma Summary

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Dental Administrators run the office for practicing dentists, or other specialists focusing on dental related medicine. As a dental administrator, you will need to know basic dental terminology, record keeping, basic procedures and patient relations. This article provides some of what you need to know about the education for becoming a dental administrator.
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What is a Dental Administrator Diploma Program?

A diploma program in dental administration is designed to give you a familiarity with the dental office clinical procedures, and qualify you to provide the support and manage the systems required to effectively run the clinic or office where you are employed. Your responsibilities will include appointment management, billing and payment processing, maintaining patient charts and medical records, and appointment and procedure follow-up. A good diploma program will give you as much hands on training as possible. This may be handled through lab practice or, ideally, through an internship in a dental office or walk-in clinic.

Skills Acquired

In today's technology driven world, more and more office settings rely on specialized software and computer applications to maintain schedules and records. In a solid diploma program for dental administration, you will develop skills with the creation of documents using advanced word processing software; email systems and management as well as calendars and task management; Internet skills such as multiple window management and search skills; telephone skills and techniques, note taking and multitasking while working with communications tools. You'll study business math and business communications. Most programs incorporate a bookkeeping segment that will teach you necessary accounting principles. In addition, you will learn dentistry specific software applications, like Abel Dent billing and appointment scheduling software, as well as dental transcription to familiarize you with transcription equipment, styles of dictation and give you proficiency in proofreading documents. Dental procedures and terminology will be critical to successful employment, so a good diploma program will train you in dental office skills such appointment making, correspondence, scheduling, records management and standard dental claim procedures.

Coursework in a Dental Administrator Diploma Program May Include:

  • Dental Office Procedures
  • Orofacial Anatomy
  • Introduction to Clinical Dentistry
  • Client Relations
  • Computer Skills and Applications
  • Orientation to Radiography
  • Clinical Dentistry
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Introductory Accounting
  • College Level English

Career Outlook and Salary Information

Employment opportunities exist in all dental specializations. Other areas where you might begin a career include dental distribution or manufacturing, dental labs, hospitals, and even the public health department. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, population growth and the greater retention of natural teeth by older people will fuel the demand for dental services. Starting salaries for qualified dental administrators can go as high as $15 per hour.

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Grand Canyon University

  • MS in Health Care Administration
  • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
  • BS in Health Care Administration

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Herzing University

  • MBA Dual Concentration: Healthcare Management and Public Safety Leadership
  • Associate of Science - Medical Assisting Services
  • Diploma: Medical Assisting

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Penn Foster

  • Career Diploma - Dental Assistant

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Penn Foster High School

  • HS Diploma

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