Free Online Algebra Courses from Top Universities

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Algebra courses are available for free online by top universities, including the University of California at Irvine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Open University. Students can access course materials from each of these school's websites and learn about topics including number theory, algebraic topology and algebraic combinatorics.
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Free Algebra Courses

Free algebra courses are offered for interested individuals looking to earn an online education. Open University hosts a complex numbers course, while the University of California, Irvine, offers a course in intermediate algebra.

University of California, Irvine

University of California at Irvine's intermediate algebra course is easily accessible from the school's website. Students can watch video lectures to learn about this area of study for free.

Intermediate Algebra

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT provides the OpenCourseWare platform so students can search through free online algebra courses. Topics include linear algebra, number theory, computational science and engineering, and more.

Open University

Open University offers an intro to complex numbers course for free online. Students can learn techniques (i.e. algebraic manipulation and geometric interpretation), concepts and definitions associated with complex numbers.

Free Online Algebra Courses At a Glance

Course & School Program Level Format Assignments Quizzes & Exams Downloadable
Intermediate Algebra course from University of California, Irvine Undergraduate Video lectures Yes Yes Yes
Linear Algebra course from MIT Undergraduate Text/study materials/video lectures Yes Yes Yes
Computational Science and Engineering I course from MIT Graduate Text/study materials/video lectures Yes Yes Yes
Seminar in Algebra and Number Theory: Rational Points on Elliptic Curves course from MIT Undergraduate Textbooks/lecture notes/projects Yes No Yes
Algebraic Geometry course from MIT Graduate Textbook Lecture notes Yes No Yes
Linear Algebra - Communicative Intensive course from MIT Undergraduate Text/projects/study materials Yes No Yes
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory course from MIT Graduate Textbooks/study materials Yes Yes Yes
Algebraic Topology course from MIT Graduate Text Yes No Yes
Topics in Algebraic Combinatorics course from MIT Graduate Lecture notes/projects Yes No Yes
Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Intersection Theory on Moduli Spaces course from MIT Graduate Textbooks/lecture notes/study materials Yes No Yes
Algebraic Topology II course from MIT Graduate Textbooks/lecture notes Yes No Yes
Algebraic Combinatorics course from MIT Undergraduate Texts/lecture notes/projects Yes No Yes
Complex Numbers course from MIT Advanced Text Yes No Yes

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