Free Online Genomic Medicine Courses from Top Universities

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There are several online genomic medicine courses available for study at top universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Open University. A range of topics are discussed, such as those that involve computational biology and DNA.
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Free Genomic Medicine Courses

Two of the leading universities known for offering free courses online provide a number of classes in the field of genomic medicine. Individuals can gain knowledge in areas such as complex biological networks and genetic engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In addition to learning the fundamentals of comparative, structural and functional genomics and proteomics, online learners can review lectures on cells and scaffolds, regulators and clinical applications. Classes also introduce students to computational biology as well as key issues and research in genomic technologies. Other lectures address topics in DNA, RNA, proteins and networks.

Designed for hands-on application, a project-based class that explores the relationship between modern technology and its influence on life's quality around the world is also available, This class includes topics in economic, ecological, biophysical and ethical modeling, personal medicine and bioengineering.

Open University

This university offers an introductory course dealing with genomic medicine on its OpenLearn platform. Students in this class study how the DNA profile of a person's genotypes may alter the management and diagnosis of disease.

Free Online Genomic Medicine Courses at a Glance

Course & School Program Level Format Assignments Quizzes & Exams Downloadable
Genomic Medicine course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Audio lectures/slides/text Yes No Yes
Genomics and Computational Biology course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate/Graduate Text/audio lectures Yes No Yes
Genomics, Computing, Economics and Society course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Text Yes No Yes
Principles and Practice of Tissue Engineering course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Text No No Yes
Quantitative Genomics course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Text Yes No Yes
Predictive Medicine course from Open University Undergraduate Text Yes No Yes

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