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In January, 2014, Indiana replaced the General Education Development, or GED, high school equivalency test with the Test Assessing Secondary Completion or TASC Test. You can now earn an Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma by successfully completing the TASC test.
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TASC Test Format

The TASC test is a roughly 7- hour exam with five separate test sections in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. You can take either a pencil-and-paper version of the test, or you can test on computer. Although the questions in the two test formats vary slightly, they cover the same content. The test is available in English and Spanish, and the Spanish edition allows slightly more testing time. You can take the following five test sections all in one day, or individually, but they must be completed within 60 days:

  • Reading Literacy - This section of TASC measures your ability to understand, analyze, and synthesize ideas and information from a variety of reading selections such as passages from novels and plays, newspapers articles or business documents. You have 75 minutes to answer just under 50 multiple-choice questions and one open-ended question.
  • Writing - The Writing portion of TASC has 50 questions that ask you to edit and revise sentences and passages in order to correct errors in grammar, spelling, sentence structure and organization. The Writing Test is 105 minutes long and includes an essay question that you will have 45 minutes to write.
  • Mathematics - There are two parts to the Mathematics section of TASC with just under 50 questions that cover rational numbers, algebra, geometry and statistics and probability. Most questions involve solving real-life problems or interpreting information from charts, diagrams and graphs. The test is 105 minutes and you can use a calculator for the first part of the test which is 50 minutes.
  • Social Studies - The 75-minute Social Studies test asks you to demonstrate your ability to understand, interpret and analyze information on U.S. and world history, geography, economic and civics and government. The 57 questions are based on reading passages, charts, maps and illustration such as political cartoons.
  • Science The 75-minute Science section of TASC covers life sciences, physical science and Earth and space science. There are roughly 57 questions that assess your ability to understand, analyze and evaluate scientific and technical information that is presented in reading selections, charts, figures and graphs.

Scoring and Retesting

To pass the TASC Test, you must score 500 on each of the five test sections, and earn 2 of the 8 possible points on the Writing test section essay. If you score below 500, you can retake the test two times with no additional test fees. However, you must wait two months before taking a retest.

Eligiility Requirements

To take the TASC Test in Indiana, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
    • If you are 16 or 17, you may be able to take the GED if you have a superintendent's recommendation.
  • You must have lived in Indiana for at least 30 days prior to testing.
  • You haven't earned a high school diploma from any accredited US high school.

Registration and Costs

You can register for the TASC Test through one of the testing centers located throughout Indiana. You can find a list of test centers on the TASC Test website at

The cost of the TASC Test is $52, but testing centers are allowed to charge additional administrative fees, including $10 administrative fees for retests. Indiana has set a $90 cap on the cost for the TASC Test.

Preparing for the TASC Test

The TASC Test website, , has a wide selection of study resources, sample questions and readiness tests that you can use to prepare for the actual TASC Test. The site also offers test tips and a blog with advice about different types of questions on the test.

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