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Colorado Technical University

Why Colorado Technical University?

  1. Campus and online program options.
  2. 100+ degree programs.
  3. Technology-rich virtual campus.
  4. It's military-friendly.

About Colorado Technical University

With flexible scheduling at multiple strategically located campuses as well as fully online program options, Colorado Technical University is uniquely positioned to provide convenient learning options. The school offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs and concentrations, making it easy to find a program that can meet your needs. Plus, their flexible scheduling options let you choose an accelerated, traditional, or part-time pace options.

Prospective students can choose from associates, bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in a wide range of disciplines. Their program offerings include an online MPA program that CEO Magazine ranked as a top ten program. No matter which degree program you select, Colorado Technical University can provide a career-focused education in a technology rich environment.

Campus Locations

Colorado Technical University has multiple campus locations in and around Colorado. Campuses can be found in Denver, Colorado Springs, Sioux Falls, and Pueblo. All of the campus facilities are industry current and make it easy to connect with faculty and other career-oriented classmates. Students who do not live near a campus can enroll in one of CTU's online programs.

Award-winning Virtual Campus

Colorado Technical University's award-winning Virtual Campus offers a dynamic, immersive experience for online learners. The virtual campus was recognized as the 'Best of the Best' in the Education and Academia category of the 2009 Computerworld Honors Program. Students can collaborate in real time or watch, download, read, and practice lessons whenever it is convenient. The multi-media learning dashboard is designed to suit different types of learners so that you can customize and enhance your education experience. Online students can also benefit from live interactive classes, archived class sessions, 24/7 technical support, quality student advising, and much more.

Career Services

Every Colorado Technical University student can take advantage of the school's comprehensive Career Services Department. From the time you enroll until after you graduate, the expert career services staff is standing by to help you pursue and achieve your professional goals. You can get assistance with your resume, practice your interview skills, find out who is hiring, and network with members of the CTU Alumni Association.

School Disclaimer

Colorado Technical University cannot guarantee employment or salary. Not all programs are available to residents of all states. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at http://www.coloradotech.edu/disclosures.

Find Your Program:

  1. Business & Management

    • Associate of Science in Accounting
    • Associate of Science in Business Administration
    • BS - Accounting
    • BS - Business Administration Data Analytics
    • BS - Business Administration - Digital Marketing
    • BS - Business Administration - Finance
    • BS - Business Administration - General
    • BS - Business Administration - Health Care Management
    • BS - Business Administration - Human Resource Management
    • BS - Business Administration - IT
    • BS - Business Administration - International Business
    • BS - Business Administration - Management
    • BS - Business Administration - Marketing
    • BS - Business Administration - Project Management
    • BS - Business Administration - Public Administration
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Business Development
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Organizational Behavior
    • Doctor - Management - Nonprofit Leadership
    • Doctor of Management (DM) - General Concentration (Executive Format)
    • Doctor of Management - Technology Management (Executive Format)
    • MBA Data Analytics
    • MS - Management - Information Systems Security
    • Master of Business Administration - Global Leadership
    • Master of Science in Management - Healthcare Management
    • Master of Science in Management - Public Administration
    • Doctorate: Management - Environmental & Social Sustainability
    • Doctor of Management - Global Leadership (Executive Format)
    • Doctor of Management - Graduate Level Instructional Practices
    • Doctor of Management - Health Care Management and Leadership
    • Doctorate: Management - Homeland Security
    • Doctor of Management - Leadership
    • Doctorate: Management - Organizational Development and Change
    • Doctor of Management - Private Sector Higher Education Leadership
    • Doctor of Management - Project Management
    • Master of Business Admin
    • Master of Business Admin: Accounting
    • Master of Business Admin - Entrepreneurship
    • Master of Business Admin: Finance
    • MBA: Health Care Management
    • MBA: Human Resource Management
    • MBA: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Master of Business Admin: Marketing
    • MBA: Operations Management
    • MBA: Project Management
    • MBA: Technology Management
    • Master: Accounting
    • Master: Management
    • Master: Management - Homeland Security
    • M.S. - Management: IT and Project Management
    • M.S. - Management: Organization Leadership and Change
    • Master: Management - Project Management
    • B.S. - Health Care Management
    • Bachelor: Information Systems Management
    • Bachelor: Business Admin - Logistics/Supply Chain Management
    • Bachelor: Project Management
    • B.S. - Management
  2. Criminal Justice & Public Administration

    • BS - Criminal Justice
    • BS - Criminal Justice - Human Services
    • BS - Management - Cybersecurity Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Cybercrime and Security
    • Doctor - Management - Criminal Justice
    • MS - Management - Cybersecurity Management
    • Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
    • M.S. - Criminal Justice
    • B.S. - Criminal Justice - Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  3. Engineering & Computer Science

    • BS - Computer Science - Cybersecurity Engineering
    • BS - IT - Network Management
    • BS - IT - Security
    • BS - IT - Software Systems Engineering
    • BS - IT - Web Development
    • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security - Computer Systems Security
    • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security - Information Assurance
    • Doctor of Computer Science - Big Data Analytics (Executive Format)
    • MS - Computer Science - Computer Systems Security
    • MS - Computer Science - Data Science
    • MS - Computer Science - Software Engineering
    • MS - Systems Engineering
    • Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy
    • Master of Science in Homeland Security
    • Master of Science in Homeland Security - Cybersecurity Policy
    • Master of Science in Homeland Security - Emergency Management and Public Health
    • Doctorate: Computer Science
    • Doctorate: C.S. - Enterprise Information Systems
    • Doctorate - Computer Science: Information Assurance (Executive Format)
    • Master: Computer Engineering
    • Master of Science in Computer Science
    • Master: Computer Science - Database Systems
    • M.S. - Information Technology
    • M.S. - Information Technology - Network Management
    • M.S. - Information Technology - Security Management
    • B.S. - Information Technology: Data Management
  4. Health Sciences

    • BS - Nursing (RN to BSN completion)
    • Doctor - Nursing Practice
    • MS - Healthcare Management
    • MS - Healthcare Management - Informatics
    • MS - Nursing - Nursing Administration
    • MS - Nursing - Nursing Education
    • B.S. - Health Care Management - Health Informatics
    • B.S. - Psychology
    • B.S. - Psychology - Consumer Behavior
    • B.S. - Psychology - Organizational Behavior
  5. Information Systems & Technology

    • M.S. - Information Technology - Project Management
    • Bachelor: Information Technology
    • B.S. - Information Technology: Software Application Programming

Colorado Technical University Online Locations

Colorado Technical University offers a wide range of programs that can be taken online. The advantages to online learning are that you can work at your own pace and learn from anywhere. For more information about specific programs, please click here.