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  1. Accounting

    • AS in Accounting
    • BS in Accounting
  2. Business

    • AA in Business Administration
    • BA in Business Administration
    • BA in Business Administration/Accounting
    • BA in Business Administration/Business Analytics
    • BA in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems
    • BA in Business Administration/E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
    • BA in Business Administration/Finance
    • BA in Business Administration/Healthcare Administration
    • BA in Business Administration/Human Resource Management
    • BA in Business Administration/International Business
    • BA in Business Administration/Management
    • BA in Business Administration/Marketing
    • BA in Business Administration/Project Management
    • BA in Business Administration/Strategic Sales Management
  3. Communication

    • BA in Communication
    • BA in Communication/Journalism
    • BA in Communication/Media Studies
    • BA in Communication/Public Relations and Advertising
  4. Criminal Justice

    • AA in Criminal Justice
    • BA in Criminal Justice
    • BA in Criminal Justice/Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
    • BA in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security and Emergency Management
    • BA in Criminal Justice/Human Services
    • BA in Criminal Justice/Institutional and Community-Based Corrections
    • BA in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
  5. Healthcare

    • AS in Healthcare Administration
    • BS in Healthcare Administration
    • BS in Healthcare Administration/Health Informatics
  6. Human Services

    • AS in Human Services
    • BS in Human Services
  7. Humanities

    • BA in Humanities
  8. Liberal Studies

    • AA in Liberal Studies
  9. Psychology

    • AA in Psychology
    • BA in Psychology
    • BA in Psychology/Addiction and Substance Abuse
    • BA in Psychology/Applied Behavioral Analysis
    • BA in Psychology/Clinical Psychology
    • BA in Psychology/Criminal Justice
    • BA in Psychology/Developmental Psychology
    • BA in Psychology/Forensic Psychology
    • BA in Psychology/Human Services
    • BA in Psychology/Marriage Therapy and Family Counseling
  10. Social Sciences

    • BS in Social Sciences
  11. Sociology

    • AA in Sociology
    • BA in Sociology

New England College Online Locations

New England College offers a wide range of programs that can be taken online. The advantages to online learning are that you can work at your own pace and learn from anywhere. For more information about specific programs, please click here.