College Admissions Guide

Admissions: How Colleges Select Students

With the number of people wanting to attend college on the rise, schools are becoming more selective in whom they accept. This article contains information that introduces you, the potential student, to the college selection process.

Beyond the Application: Additional Admissions Requirements

An application is not the only piece of information required by colleges and universities. This article provides information about the other requirements colleges and universities request from applicants.

Choosing a College

Even before you start filling out applications, you need to find the college that fits you. This article provides information on critiquing colleges and making sure they fit your needs.

College Admission Essay Topic Considerations

A solid college admission essay topic is the first step in creating a focused and impressive admission essay. This article provides information to help students prepare to write their essays.

College Admissions: Dealing With Rejection

Rejection can be one of the hardest things to deal with during the college application process. This article provides advice to help students manage the stress of receiving a rejection letter.

College Admissions: Improve Your Chances of Acceptance

Getting into one of your top schools can lead to greater career opportunities and earning potential down the line. This article offers tips to improve the likelihood of acceptance at your favorite school and the earlier you begin, the better.

College Application Considerations

The college application is the first and most basic connection between you and any colleges or universities you are interested in. This article provides information about the application process, so you can make sure your time is spent wisely.

College Interview Tips

While the college interview isn't a make or break audition for acceptance, it is not something that should be taken lightly. This article contains information you can use to effectively handle a college interview.

College Letter of Recommendation Considerations

A letter of recommendation is often required when applying to colleges. This article will provide information that can help you choose the best people to write your letters of recommendation.

College Transfer Considerations

Currently, students transfer to a different college about as frequently as working adults change jobs. This article poses several questions that you should consider before transferring to a different school.

College Transfer FAQs: Does Acceptance to the University Mean Acceptance to My Field of Study?

When applying to colleges and universities, remember that admission to the school may not mean admission into a particular program. This article discusses some considerations about how to meet additional requirements.

College Transfer FAQs: How Do I Convert from Quarter Units to Semester Units?

While some administrative actions between schools are the same, different schools often have their own way of doing things. Quarter units and semester units are an example of this difference. This article tells you how to convert between the two...

College Transfer FAQs: What are College Articulation Agreements?

College articulation agreements are in place for your benefit. This article explains what the college articulation agreement includes.

College Transfer FAQs: What College Is Right for Me?

So you've decided to transfer schools. The question is: Where should you go? This article provides information you should consider when choosing which school to transfer to.

College Transfer FAQs: What Do I Do If I'm Transferring from a Community College

A community college can be a good place to begin your college career. This article gives you guidelines to use when you are transferring from a community college to a four-year university.

College Transfer FAQs: Will All of My Units Transfer to Another School?

An important question for those who are transferring schools is: Will all of my units transfer to another school? This article answers that question and suggests what classes you should be taking before transferring.

Preparing for the College Application

To help reduce some of the anxiety during the college application process, plan ahead and try not to procrastinate. This article provides suggestions that helps you stay focused and organized when applying to colleges.

Featured Schools

Colorado State University Global

  • MS - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • BS - Computer Science
  • Undergraduate Certificate - Project Management

What is your highest level of education?

The Chicago School

  • Ed.D. Educational Psychology and Technology
  • Ph.D. Business Psychology, Consulting Track
  • M.A. Psychology
  • Dual Enrollment: Master of Health Service Administration and Master of Public Health

What is your highest level of education completed?

Full Sail University

  • Master of Science - Film Production
  • MS - Entertainment Business (Campus)
  • BS - Sportscasting (Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science - Software Development

What is your highest level of education?

Purdue University Global

  • Master of Science - DNP Executive Leader
  • MS in Psychology - Forensic Psychology
  • Bachelor: Liberal Studies
  • AASBA in Business
  • Medical Assisting Certificate

Which subject are you interested in?

Grand Canyon University

  • DBA - Management
  • M.S. Psychology with an Emphasis in Gerontology
  • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education

What is your highest level of education?

Herzing University

  • MBA
  • B.S. - Business Management With No Concentration
  • Associate of Science - Business Management

What is your highest level of education?

Post University

  • B.S. in Business Administration
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • A.S. in Criminal Justice
  • A.S. in Legal Studies

Education Level:

Georgetown University

  • Masters of Professional Studies in Technology Management
  • Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate

What is your highest level of education completed?