GED Basics

An Introduction to the General Equivalency Development (GED) Test.

A person who is interested in taking the GED should be aware of what the test involves, what it covers and what the individual state requirements are.

Basic Information About the GED Test

The GED (General Educational Development) test is designed for students who did not finish high school and would like to have more employment opportunities or pursue higher education. The test is given in many states and covers four subjects.

GED Classes: Do They Really Prepare You?

Taking a GED preparation course can greatly help you with the big exam once the day comes. Anyone who wishes to take the exam should seriously consider some sort of practice. Read on to find out the pluses of taking a prep course!

GED Practice: How to Find GED Practice Tests

The Internet offers plenty of information for preparing for the GED (General Education Development) Exam. This article can help you locate these resources and take full advantage of them.

GED Statistics

This article contains facts and statistics about the GED, including pass-rate, nation-wide use and date of creation.

GED Testing Centers: How can I Find a Local GED Testing Center?

Are you finally ready to take the GED Exam? If so, the next thing you need to do is to find your local testing center. There are thousands of centers across the nation, and this article will help you to find a center near you.

GED Testing: Info you need to know about the GED Test

You should be proud of yourself if you've taken the first step to improving your future by taking the GED test. The GED will offer you opportunities that will help improve your life and your career. Read on to find out a few facts about the...

How to get your GED in Spanish: GED Info for the Spanish

Spanish speakers who plan on taking the General Educational Development (GED) Exam have resources that can help them prepare. Read on to find out what is available to help make the test-taking process as stress free as possible.

How to get your GED Online

This article contains information for students who are looking to obtain a GED, but don't want to go to testing centers. The article explains that the best place to get information is at your local high school or university.

Info on How to get a GED and How to Study for the GED

Congratulations on taking that first step to improving your future with a GED certificate! This article will go over some important information on attaining your GED. Another important aspect, studying for the GED tests, will also be covered.

Obtain your High School GED

For those who don't have a high school diploma, earning the GED certificate can be a good way to make up for it. The certificate demonstrates high school equivalency and can open doors to opportunities in employment or higher education. Read this...

Online GED Test Prep: How to Prepare for your GED Test Online

If you are interested in advancing your career, or simply seeking self-improvement, the General Educational Development (GED) certificate should be your first goal. Continue reading to get the skinny on how to prepare for the GED Test online.

Problems with the GED

For generations, the General Education Development or GED test has offered a second chance to earn a diploma to millions of people who were unable to finish high school. Although there are many people who owe their careers to the GED, there have...

The History of the GED

This article contains historical information regarding the GED exam, including when and why the test was developed and subsequent additions to the test.

What is Covered on the GED?

The GED test covers four main academic subjects: Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts. This article helps prepare students to study for the GED.

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