Networking and Communications

Computer Network Technician: Career Diploma Summary

Ever thought of yourself becoming a web master, network administrator, or network support technician? Then you might be interested in taking college courses in routing technology, server administration, and network security to earn your Career...

Data Communications Technology: Diploma Summary

A data communications technology diploma will train you to become a data communications analyst, network administrator or database administrator. Typical courses include networking, cyber security and network maintenance. Read on to find out more.

Electronic Communication Degrees: Associate, Training & Online Info

What will you learn in an electronic communication training or associate's degree program? Read about training and associate's degree program requirements, the pros and cons of a training or associate's degree program and potential careers.

Information Systems: Diploma Coursework Summary

An Information Systems diploma will allow you to work in the information technology (IT) field as a computer programmer, webmaster, systems designer, network or database administrator. You will study information systems, database systems, network...

Microsoft Network Engineer: Diploma Program Summary

A Microsoft network engineer diploma program will prepare you for a career installing and maintaining Microsoft networks. Courses for this program include instruction in computer basics like hardware and software, Windows administration, and...

Microsoft Network Specialist: Career Diploma Description

In a Microsoft network specialist diploma program, you will learn valuable skills that will serve you as a network administrator and computer support specialist. Typical coursework for this diploma includes classes in Microsoft network...

Network and Internet Security Specialist: Diploma Summary

As a student in a Network and Internet Security Specialist program, you will have the opportunity to learn basic concepts dealing with PC hardware, software, and networking as well as network and Internet securities, voice and data networks and...

Network Support Specialist: Diploma Coursework Description

When you choose to enroll in a Network Support Specialist diploma program, you are preparing yourself to learn the basics in troubleshooting and analyzing computer networks. Through your program you will be provided with the skills to install...

Networking: Career Diploma Description

Earning a Networking Diploma will provide graduates with the entry-level skills needed to service, install, and maintain basic computer systems and networks. Students will learn the basics of network systems and structures, website creation and...

Telecommunications Technician Degrees: Diploma, Associate & Online Training Info

Diploma and associate's degree programs for telecommunications technicians can lead to careers in communications technology in several fields. Get the truth about the requirements, courses and career options, and find out what you can do with...

Featured Schools

Full Sail University

  • Master of Fine Arts - Creative Writing
  • BS - Media Communications (Campus)
  • BS - Sportscasting (Campus)

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Regent University

  • Ph.D. in Communication
  • M.A. in Communication
  • B.A. in Communication

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Liberty University

  • PHD: Communication
  • MA: Communication
  • BS: Strategic Communication

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Purdue University Global

  • BBA: New Media and Internet Marketing

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Colorado Christian University

  • Communication Studies, A.A.

What is your highest level of education completed?

Penn Foster

  • Career Diploma - Freelance Writer

What is your highest level of education?

Penn Foster High School

  • HS Diploma

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