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Administrative accountants are needed more than ever as companies continue to expand. Earning a diploma in administrative accounting will help you develop the skills to manage a finance department and handle other administrative duties. Read this article for more information.
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What is an Administrative Accountant Degree?

Earning an administrative accountant degree will give students knowledge in many areas of accounting including federal, state, and local tax codes, balancing corporate and non-profit records, compiling spreadsheets, and constructing budgets. Learning how to manage a team of accountants effectively will also be taught in this degree program.

Required Courses:

The courses required for this diploma program vary, as students will be learning management skills as well as accounting rules and regulations. Basic courses required include:

  • Tax accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Business law

Skills Obtained:

The skills obtained from earning a diploma in administrative accounting will give students the knowledge of accounting procedures as well as the confidence to manage a team. Additional skills include basic marketing, cost management analysis, interpersonal communications, and creating databases.

Career Related Information

Reasons to Earn a Diploma in Administrative Accounting:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, the field of administrative accounting and management is growing. This means that students should be able to find a job quickly after graduating. Administrative accountants are involved in different areas within the accounting department. They play an integral role in the continued financial success of every small and large company.

Salary Information:

Those who have a degree in administrative accounting can expect to earn $52,000 annually.

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Administrative Accounting Field:

There is expected to be a growth in jobs in the accounting field due to company expansion, employee retirement, and advances in computer technology. These factors make managing a company's finances very important, especially as tax laws change.

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  • Associate of Arts - Accounting

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