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Administrative assistants provide assistance in many projects that need to be completed. Many assistants manage offices, and contribute to projects by writing, printing, and collating information. Read more about this career below.
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What is an Administrative Assistant Diploma?

An administrative assistant diploma provides students with the training they need in order to complete different tasks in an office setting. These tasks include typing, creating documents, presentations, manuals, and other paperwork that will be needed for meetings and conferences.

Required Courses:

Administrative assistants are responsible for many day-to-day duties that are essential for an office to run efficiently. Basic courses required include:

  • Letter writing
  • Business communications
  • Data entry
  • Transcription

Skills Obtained:

The skills obtained from earning an administrative assistant diploma can help students prepare themselves for working in an office setting where there will be many small projects to work on. Computer skills, communication skills, and interpersonal communication skills will also be learned.

Career Related Information

Reasons to earn an administrative assistant diploma:

As technology changes and businesses expand, more help is needed in the office. There are many positions available for those who can take direction, meet deadlines, and produce quality work. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics,, management companies hire the most employees.

Salary Information:

Those who earn an administrative assistant diploma can expect to earn between $28,000 and $50,000 annually. This may vary due to geographic location and what is required for the position.

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Administrative Assistant Field:

This field will continue to grow as businesses expand. The need for employees who produce quality work and who are able to learn quickly will always exist. New technology will also prompt businesses to hire those who have been trained in certain computer programs.

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