Advanced Massage Therapy: Diploma Summary

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In an advanced massage therapy diploma program, you will study in-depth one of the many specialties of massage therapy. Typical coursework includes massage practice, anatomy, physiology and practice management. Read on to find out more.
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What is an Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma?

There are many different specialties under the general heading of massage therapy such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, massage for wellness, Swedish massage, rolfing, and many more. In an advance massage therapy diploma program, you can concentrate on one or more specialties to become a master of that technique.

Skills You Will Learn

All massage therapists have to have a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and be able to identify and treat various muscle ailments. You will also need to learn the specific skills and techniques that are unique to the massage therapy specialty that you choose to focus on. As an example, should you choose to focus on sports therapy, you will be learning about specific ailments that are unique to athletes and the techniques that are used to treat them.


In an advanced massage therapy diploma program, you will encounter the following courses:

  • Contemporary Massage Practice
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Muscles, Joints, and Tissues
  • Advance Massage Workshops and Internships
  • Massage Practice Management

Why Get an Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma?

A diploma in advanced massage therapy will give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a certified massage therapy practitioner. In addition, with specific knowledge of a specialized area of massage therapy, you will make yourself more desirable to employers and clients who are looking for a certain kind of massage therapy practitioner.

What Careers Will a Diploma in Advance Massage Therapy Enable Me to Pursue?

With a diploma in advanced massage therapy, you will be qualified to work at a spa or resort, rehabilitation clinic, sports medicine center, or open a private practice.

Job Outlook and Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( predicts that the demand for massage therapists will grow considerably in the coming years, leading to a favorable job climate until at least the year 2014. The median hourly wage for massage practitioners in 2004 was around $15.30.

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Grand Canyon University

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Purdue University Global

  • Bachelor: Nutrition Science
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Fortis College

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Penn Foster High School

  • HS Diploma

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Herzing University

  • MBA Dual Concentration: Healthcare Management and Public Safety Leadership

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Southwestern College