Advertising Design: Diploma Summary

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Web advertising is a popular form of advertising that companies use to reach those who spend time web surfing. Advertising online and in print are ways that companies can brand their products so that consumers will recognize them. Advertising designers create logos and graphics. Read more about this career below.
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What is an Advertising Design Diploma?

An advertising design diploma will train students to create graphics for web sites and print media that will be used for advertising purposes. Students will be able to work for advertising firms or as freelance agents.

Required Courses:

Having knowledge of computers and having a passion for creating logos and graphics that grab the attention of consumers is recommended in order to advance in this career. Basic courses required include:

  • Project planning
  • Computer design
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing

Skills Obtained:

The skills obtained from earning an advertising design diploma will help students find work in many areas including corporate advertising, non-profit advertising, graphic design firms, and running their own business. These skills may be applied to print and web advertising design.

Career Related Information

Reasons to Earn an Advertising Design Diploma:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, the field of advertising design will continue to grow as Internet advertising becomes more popular. Many companies have noticed that they can reach just as many people online as they can through other types of media.

Salary Information:

Those who have an advertising design diploma can expect to earn about $38,000 when beginning their career. Salaries may vary depending on one's position within a company and the skill level they possess.

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Advertising Design Field:

Those who are looking for a career in advertising design should expect some competition, but if they have knowledge of web advertising design, they will stand a much better chance at finding a job after graduation.

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Full Sail University

  • M.S. - New Media Journalism
  • BS - Graphic Design (Campus)
  • BS - Game Art (Campus)

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Liberty University

  • PHD: Strategic Media

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Winthrop University

  • Master of Arts in Arts Administration

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Penn Foster High School

  • HS Diploma

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Independence University

  • Graphic Arts (BS)
  • Graphic Arts - Information Design Emphasis (BS)

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