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Students enrolled in an Airframe Technology Associate degree program will learn the basics of how to work with, maintain, and operate aircrafts. Students will become skilled in aircraft inspections and maintenance for both private and commercial industries. These skills will be learned by taking classes in welding, electronics, engines, and hydraulics. Students who graduate with an Airframe Technology Associate degree can go on to become aviation technicians or obtain other similar positions within the field of avionics. Read on to find out more.
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Reasons to Earn an Airframe Technology Associate Degree

Students wishing to pursue an Airframe Technology Associate degree should have an aptitude for technical math, calculations, and writing. These individuals should also be able to work under potentially stressful situations, always paying attention to detail. By choosing to enroll in an Airframe Technology Associate degree program, you will learn the technical writing, computer diagnostics, inspection, and maintenance skills needed to become a successful aviation technician.

Airframe Technology Associate Degree Career Opportunities

Occupational Outlook

The job outlook for those who hold certifications and degrees in the aerospace and avionics fields is good with a high demand for qualified employee prospects. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase in job growth for the field over the next seven years.

Salary Information

As posted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students with an associate degree in Airframe Technology can look forward to average salaries of around $45,281 a year. Those who choose to work for major airlines, specifically on jets and other high-end aircrafts can expect to earn slightly higher salaries than those in other areas of aircraft maintenance.

Airframe Technology Associate Degree Specifics

Required Courses

During your Airframe Technology Associate degree program, you will learn the basics on how to maintain and repair commercial and private aircrafts. You will experience hands-on learning in the classroom to be familiar with different aircraft components. Specific courses you may take during your program include:

  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Electricity for Aircrafts
  • Introduction to Welding
  • Aircraft Systems: Hydraulics, Engines, and Inspections

Skills You Will Learn

As you move through your Airframe Technology Associate degree program, you will learn the technical skills needed for aircraft maintenance. You will sharpen your knowledge and skills of aircrafts, with the ability to work on a variety of models. Upon graduating from your program, you should be confident in your skills to:

  • Maintain aircrafts of all sizes and models
  • Perform basic maintenance and operation of aircraft engines and electrical components
  • Diagnose, using computer programs and tools, aircraft issue

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    1. Purdue University Global

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  • CCAF - Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AUABC)

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