An Introduction to the General Equivalency Development (GED) Test.

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A person who is interested in taking the GED should be aware of what the test involves, what it covers and what the individual state requirements are.
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There are many people who have not completed high school and find themselves interested in pursuing a higher paying position or continuing with his or her education. For these people, studying and taking the GED (General Equivalency Development) test is be a great option. There are certain things a person should know about the GED in order to be well-prepared for the entire process.

If a person successfully passes the GED, he or she will earn a High School Equivalency Certificate. This certificate is very similar to a high school diploma, and is usually considered as such by community colleges and some employers.

A person should also know the test details. In general, the GED covers four main subjects:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Sciences
  • Science

The length of each subject test varies: Science and social studies are 90 minutes each, math is 115 minutes and the language section is 115 minutes according to the GED Testing Service (

A person should bear in mind that state requirements vary. For example, the minimum age for those who can take the GED can vary depending upon the state. It is very important that a person learn about the specific requirements for the state that he or is she is living in. Visit the articles on this site about the GED requirements for individual states for more information regarding exact GED testing requirements. This site may also reveal information on where the GED test are offered, options on how to prepare for the test and what a person needs to know about costs and passing scores.

If a person takes the time to properly research the necessary information about the GED, he or she may be more prepared for the GED test and increase the likeliness of successfully passing it.

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