Appliance Repair: Diploma Summary

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Get your appliance repair diploma and become an indispensable home appliance repairperson. Typical coursework includes appliance electricity, communications and applied economics. Read on to find out more.
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What is an Appliance Repair Diploma?

An appliance repair diploma program combines in-classroom training with hands-on repair laboratories to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and repair today's complicated home appliances. Upon completion of the diploma program, you will have the wherewithal to work on washer/dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and other major appliances.

Skills You Will Learn

To become a successful appliance repair technician, you will need to know a variety of skills. These include an understanding of electronics and electrical hardware, a solid understanding of basic math, and organizational skills. In addition, you will need to have effective personal communication skills. You will learn all these in an appliance repair diploma program.


In a typical appliance repair diploma program, you will encounter the following courses:

  • Appliance Electricity
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Communications
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Refrigeration
  • Applied Economics

Why Get an Appliance Repair Diploma?

With the modernization of home appliances, a successful appliance repair technician needs to know an increasingly large amount of specific information. A diploma program is the best way to ensure that you have the proper training and qualifications to become an appliance repair technician.

What Can I do with an Appliance Repair Diploma?

People who graduate from an appliance repair diploma program go on to become appliance repair technicians. These people are employed at electronics stores, department stores, and appliance repair shops in almost every community in the country.

Job Outlook and Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( predicts that the demand for appliance repair technicians will increase more slowly than average until the year 2014. The good news is that there will be a large number of openings for these positions, and that as people buy appliances designed to last longer, there will be a larger need for repairers. The median annual income for appliance repairers in 2004 was around $32,200.

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    1. Penn Foster

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    2. Penn Foster High School

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Penn Foster

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