Art and Design: Diploma Coursework Summary

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Art and design is an exciting field for those interested in possible careers as painters, interior designers, craftspeople, or similar. Read more about this field below.
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What is an Art and Design Diploma?

An art and design diploma will give students background information on various types of art and design that will enable them to work as an artist or continue their education by specializing in a particular art medium.

Required Courses:

This diploma program is an overview of different areas within the art and design world. Basic courses required include:

  • Art history
  • Basic drawing
  • Painting
  • Crafts

Skills Obtained:

The skills obtained from earning an art and design diploma will introduce students to the art world and expose them to many different genres. Students will also learn about basic interior design and how to create movement within a space.

Career Related Information

Reasons to Earn an Art and Design Diploma:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, the majority of artists and designers are also small business owners. Graduates will have opportunities to run their own businesses while pursing careers that they enjoy. There are a growing number of artistic director positions for those who are more interested in arts management.

Salary Information:

Since there are many different fields of specialization in the arts, the salary range varies greatly. Those who have art and design diplomas can expect to earn between $23,000 and $50,000 annually.

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Art and Design Field:

The more computer experience artists have, the better their chances will be at finding salaried positions that pay well. For those interested in opening their own businesses, plenty of opportunities exist in larger cities.

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Grand Canyon University

  • B.A. in Advertising and Graphic Design
  • B.A. in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation

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Full Sail University

  • Game Design Masters - Campus
  • Game Design Masters - Online
  • Game Development Bachelors - Online
  • B.S. - Digital Arts and Design

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Penn Foster High School

  • HS Diploma

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