Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia: Career Diploma Description

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A student interested in entering a career in the film or media industry can learn modern techniques with a Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia Diploma. The careers a student can enter with this diploma are as follows: film director, lightning designer, digital film editor and sound engineer. The classes required for this degree are: history of film, theory of film, digital media, lighting for film and sound recording. If this is interesting to you please read on for more information.
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Why Earn a Diploma for Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia?

These days the media industry uses digital media for nearly everything. Publications use digital media to transmit images and stories. Films are recorded and edited digitally. Sound is recorded and edited digitally. A Diploma in Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia teaches basic media techniques and the skills required for making movies and videos using digital media.

Career Possibilities

Occupational Outlook for Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia

There are a number of careers within the filmmaking industry that this degree can prepare a student for. There are people who work behind the scenes in the film industry and this diploma will prepare students for work in that area. The potential careers for a student with a Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia Diploma are as follows: film director, film lighting engineer, sound engineer, video or film editor and film lab technician.

Salary Information for Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia

One of the best resources for salary information is, Their reports indicate that a student who becomes a film director can earn anywhere between $17,529 and $40,229 per year. Editors earn between $$22,412 and $39,766 per year. Film processors, who work in film labs or who process and maintain digital film equipment, earn between $15,295 and $34,359 per year.

Degree Specifics

Coursework for a Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia Diploma

Students looking to enter the filmmaking field need to know how to operate the equipment as well as how to work with actors and others involved in making films. Classes that you may be expected to take when earning this degree are as follows:

  • Theory of Film
  • Digital Film Editing
  • Film History
  • Media Ethics
  • Law and Media
  • Processing Film
  • Digital Animation
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Digital Equipment Maintenance
  • Directing Films
  • Digital Sound Recording and Editing

Skills Learned with a Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia Diploma

Once a student has succeeded in completing the required courses for this degree that student will be prepared to work with filmmaking and multimedia equipment. Students with this diploma will have the following skills:

  • Film Direction
  • Digital Editing
  • Digital Sound Recording
  • Digital Image Manipulation
  • Film Processing
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Computer Animation and Processing

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  • HS Diploma

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