Does the GED Help Home-Schooled Students?

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Although many colleges accept applications from home schooled students, some may include a GED certificate as part of the process. This article summarizes the connection between a home school background and the GED.
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Overview for Home School Applicants

In today's society, home-schooling is fairly common. Many colleges will consider a student with a home-school background. As with any college application, some requirements will need to be met, such as proof of previous studies, a transcript, a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), an ACT score, an SAT score and/or letters of recommendation. The list of what's needed to complete the application varies widely from school to school, so students will need to research each college's policies.

When Might Colleges Ask for a GED?

Whether or not a GED factors into a college's admissions process is also a case-by-case situation that needs to be researched. A college may require proof that a home-school applicant has completed high school studies, and a GED credential could serve that purpose. Some schools will request or accept a GED credential as a way for non-traditional students to demonstrate college readiness or to give the admissions department a basis for comparison with traditional applicants. For example, a school may allow a GED credential in lieu of an ACT or SAT score. The GED could be required for home schooled students who want to qualify for varsity sports. Or, a college that doesn't accept home school applicants at all may accept an application from a student who completes the GED exam.

Steps to Pursue a GED

Most states offer the GED as an option. While the test is standardized across the U.S., some policies such as registration requirements and costs differ from state to state. Students can find local sites for help and testing by using the locator tool on the website ( In addition to the passing scores set for the 4-part GED test, a 'Smart Transcript' of exam results provides insight into an individual student's strengths and his or her ability to work through the different subjects and types of challenges on the test. Additionally, those who score at a higher level can earn GED Honors to set themselves apart.

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