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The demand for dog obedience trainers is on the rise, and the field of animal training will continue to grow. Pet owners are taking more interest in the services available for their pets, such as grooming, obedience training and pet day care. Dog obedience trainers may also go on to train dogs for service and police work, as well as shows and performance.
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Why Earn a Dog Obedience Trainer Diploma?

Career Possibilities:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, demand for animal trainers will grow faster than average. Although many graduates find employment in kennels, animal shelters, and pet stores-all relatively low-paying prospects-some dog trainers go into business for themselves and accept private clientèle.

Although a diploma is not necessary to become an animal trainer, those who have a good education and solid training, along with patience for animals, will have the best chances of landing good positions or gaining customers.

Specifics About the Degree:

Diploma study in the field of dog training often varies with the particular system of training the school espouses, but all good programs should include:

  • Basic anatomy, disease, and injury study
  • Canine communication
  • Basic and advanced behavior
  • Canine learning
  • Obedience principles
  • Canine aggression and safety
  • Study of shelter animals
  • Training owners
  • Business basics

A good program in dog training should also include hours of hands-on experience with untrained dogs, problem animals and other practicum coursework. Problem solving is an important part of an animal trainer's job, so experience in this is essential.

Although salaries in dog obedience training are generally low, self-employed trainers can set their own salary goals. The median wage of an animal trainer in 2004 was around $12.00 per hour, according to Those in retail earned about $8.00 per hour. Because self-employed trainers set their own hours and fees, they can command whatever the local market will bear.

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