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Arizona has a very diverse educational system. High school students must satisfy all of the state's requirements, in addition to a new proficiency test in order to graduate. Learn what a AZ student needs to know to succeed with this article.
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The Arizona Department of Education works hard to ensure students and parents that they are doing everything possible to raise the bar for proficiency in all subject areas. High school classrooms are large when compared to other states, but teachers are devoted to strong teaching methods that bring out the strengths and weaknesses of all students. With a strong commitment to education, Arizona is on the right track to improving its educational system.

The Arizona Board of Education prescribes the courses and competencies outlined below. Students must also earn passing scores on the reading, writing and mathematics portions of the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) assessment test in order to earn their diploma.

  • Four credits in English or ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • 1.5 credits in essentials, sources and history of the constitutions of the United States and Arizona
  • Four credits in mathematics (Courses shall include Data Analysis and Probability; Patterns, Algebra and Functions; Geometry; Measurement and Discrete Mathematics; and Mathematical Structure/Logic)
  • Two credits in science
  • One credit in vocational education or fine arts
  • 8.5 credits in additional approved courses

Students must also successfully complete the Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards test to show proficiency with the required courses. AIMS is required of all graduating seniors before they can receive diplomas.

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