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Arkansas places education as a high priority and the state is working on improving the education system and encouraging students to finish high school. Read this article to find out what the state requires for you to be eligible to receive your diploma.
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Arkansas places education as a high priority; unfortunately, many high school students fall behind with their course requirements before graduation. Students must make the most out of their high school education, especially since the state is below average when it comes to government spending for each student.

High school students must satisfy the Arkansas requirements for graduation. The state currently requires a student to earn 22 credit units in order to be eligible for graduation. Of the 22 credits, 18 must be comprised of academic credits as stated by the following:

  • Four credits English
  • Four credits mathematics (or three science credits and either one foreign language credit or one practical art credit)
  • Four credits social science (or three social science credits and either one foreign language credit or one practical art credit)
  • 0.5 credit fine arts
  • 0.5 credit health education
  • 0.5 credit physical education

Activity credits may be used for the remaining four credits (no more than two) but there shall not be more than two units of credit earned through correspondence. Students will be given an elective credit if courses are taken concurrently. Check with a high school counselor for more detailed information.

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