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Colorado high school students have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the state's secondary educational system. Colorado offers quality education and a challenging curriculum to prepare students for their futures. This article will show you what is required to successfully graduate from one of the state's high schools.
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With a Department of Education that is determined to increasing achievement levels for all high school students in the state, Colorado can offer high standards of comprehensive educational programs. These programs make sure students know what is expected of them and what they should be able to do. These tough assessments measure a students' proficiency and have a comprehensive accountability program measures that tie the accreditation of school districts directly to the students accomplishments.

The U.S. is diverse when it comes to high school graduation requirements; each state varies when it comes to what are needed. Colorado has a minimum set of course requirements that must be completed before a student can be eligible for graduation. The following are the state's minimum standards for graduation:

  • Four credits in English language arts
  • Three credits in mathematics
  • Two credits in social studies
  • Two credits in science
  • 0.5 credits in physical education
  • 0.5 credits in fine arts

Again, these courses are the bare minimum, check with your local school district to get a more detailed list of courses.

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