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With 20 high schools located in the District of Columbia, there are hundreds of graduating seniors each year entering the global marketplace or continuing on to a four-year post-secondary institution. Make sure you understand the requirements for graduation by reading this article.
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Improving student achievement is the bottom line of academic standards in the DC Public Schools (DCPS) system. DC is also changing the culture in the schools to emphasize high expectations for all high school students regardless of their present level of achievement, economic status, cultural or linguistic backgrounds.

According to the District of Columbia Public Schools website, DC is currently home to more than 100 school sites including three high schools (Banneker, Wilson and School without Walls) that were ranked in 2003 by Newsweek Magazine among the top high schools in the nation. The schools serve roughly 59,600 students across the District of Columbia. DC has many good things going on within their educational system. Read on to find out how to successfully graduate high school.

District of Columbia - High School Graduation Requirements

  • 0.5 unit in art
  • 1 unit in career or vocational education
  • 0.5 unit in DC government and history
  • 4 units in English
  • 2 units in foreign language
  • 1.5 units in health and physical education
  • 3 units in mathematics
  • 0.5 unit in music
  • 3 units in science
  • 0.5 unit in U.S. government
  • 1 unit in U.S. history
  • 0.5 unit in world geography
  • 1 unit in world history
  • 4.5 units in approved electives

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