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Georgia, one of the original thirteen colonies, is known not only for its history but also for its extensive system of schools preparing students for future challenges. Learn what is needed to succeed with a Georgia high school diploma from this article's guidelines.
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Georgia has more than 150 counties that work together to offer a quality high school educational program that can rival any state in the nation. Families new to the state should contact the school superintendent's office in the local school system where they will be living.

New students are usually registered in the spring, with registration procedures varying from system to system. Contact your local school district for any specific registration questions. Most Georgia schools are closed for the summer, but administrative offices will operate year-round. Local boards establish school calendars that include opening and closing dates, holidays, and staff development days.

The board of education has established the following requirements for graduation:

  • Four credits English/language arts
  • Four credits mathematics
  • Three credits social studies
  • Three credits science
  • Two credits foreign language
  • One credit physical education or health
  • One credit fine arts or computer technology
  • Four credits electives

Georgia also offers a scholarship program called HOPE, also known as Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally. It provides students who excel scholastically with financial assistance in degree, diploma and public technical colleges. Students wishing to qualify for the scholarship, need to do their best while in high school. The minimum requirements for graduation should be successfully completed in addition to more demanding classes that challenge them academically. Visit HOPE's website at: www.gfsc.org.

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