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Indiana is definitely on the right track to providing one of the best high school curriculums in the nation. Students may be a little confused due to all the new revisions and requirements being implemented, so this article can help you get all the information you need to get that Indiana diploma.
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Indiana has a population density of an average of 67 persons per square kilometer (174 per square mile) and is among the more densely populated states. Due to this fact, it's no wonder why there are a large number of Indiana high school graduates each year. Besides the state's minimum of requirements, Indiana strongly urges students to take the more challenging Academic Honors Diploma to better prepare them for college and the demands of the world ahead. Here's what you need to get your high school diploma:

According to the Indiana Department of Education, all graduates must complete the following coursework in order to graduate:

  • Eight credits language arts
  • Four credits mathematics
  • Four credits science
  • Four credits social studies
  • One credit physical education
  • One credit health/safety education
  • 16 credits elective credits
  • Two credits in 'other' subject areas (foreign languages, arts, computers or career area).

Students who hope to get an Academic Honors Diploma will need the following credits:

  • Eight credits language arts
  • Eight credits mathematics (credits must include Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry, and at least one upper-level course)
  • Six credits science (must include 2 credits each from Biology I, Chemistry I, Physics I or Integrated Chemistry. 2 additional credits of biology, chemistry, physics, earth and space science, or an equally challenging program.)
  • Six credits social studies (credits must include U.S. History and Government and other courses in Economics, Geography, and/or World History)
  • One credit physical education
  • Two credit health/safety education
  • Six-eight credits foreign language
  • Two credits art
  • Nine approved elective credits

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