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Ever since missionaries established the first schools in the early 1800's to teach Native Americans, Kansas has dedicated its resources to higher education. The high number of high school graduates reinforces this fact. Want to know what's needed to graduate? Read on to find out.
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Kansas high school students may not realize the opportunities that await them after school. Most of these opportunities require a high school diploma or more. Kansas is a great place to get started, especially with all the resources available to students. One example is the Kansas Educational Resource Center (KERC), www.kerc-ks.org, created by the Kansas Department of Education to assist educators who use the standards of Kansas high school curriculum.

According to the Kansas Department of Education, each student must complete the following requirements before graduating:

  • Four credits of English (includes writing, reading, literature, grammar and communications)
  • Three credits of mathematics (must include algebra and geometric concepts)
  • Three credits of science (must include physical, biological and earth/space science concepts)
  • Three credits of history/government (must include US and World History, US Government, economics, geography and Kansas government and history)
  • One credit of physical education (must include health education)
  • One credit of fine arts (including art, music, dance, theatre or forensics)
  • Six credits approved electives

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