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High school students in Louisana can prepare for advanced education and a satisifing career by continuing to go to high school and attaining their diplomas. Read this article to find out the state's requirements for graduation.
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High school students in Louisiana will need to know the following high school graduation requirements set by the Louisiana Department of Education, www.doe.state.la.us:

  • Four credits of English

English I, II and III are to be taken in consecutive order, followed by either English IV or Business English.

  • Three credits of mathematics

One of the following courses must be completed: Algebra I (1 credit); or Algebra I-Pt. 1 and Algebra I-Pt. 2 (2 credits); or Integrated Mathematics I (1 credit). Remaining credits may come from: Integrated Mathematics II and III, Algebra II, Geometry, Financial Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics I and II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, or Discrete Mathematics.

  • Three credits of science

Students will take one credit of biology; one credit of physical science (Physical Science, Physics I, Physics of Technology I, Chemistry I, Integrated Science); and one credit of either Aerospace Science, Agriscience, Biology II, Earth Science, Chemistry II, Environmental Science, Physics II or Physics of Technology II.

  • Three credits of social studies

Credits will come from American history, 1/2 credit of civics, 1/2 credit of Free Enterprise; and one credit of either World History, Western Civilization or World Geography.

  • 1/2 credit health education
  • 1 1/2 credits physical education

Physical Education I and II, (eligible special needs students may take Adapted Physical Education). A maximum total of four Physical Education credits can be used towards graduation.

  • Eight credits approved electives

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