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New Hampshire continues to make strides in the quality of the state's education system. High school dropout rates are falling and more students are taking Advanced Placement courses. Do you know what the state requires for high school graduation? Read this article to find out!
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In evaluating the success of local New Hampshire high schools, it is essential that community leaders, educators and parents consider factors such as attendance, graduation rates, community participation, the number of students attending post-secondary education, safety and discipline. New Hampshire recognizes these criterions and strives to maintain high standards.

According to The National Education Association, www.nea.org, an increasing number of New Hampshire students are getting higher scores on their SAT college entrance examinations. The number of graduating seniors with high scores on the Verbal SAT has increased 19 percent since 1994; the number of graduating seniors with high scores on the Math SAT has increased by 35 percent since 1994. (These numbers are based on a score of 600 or above).

In order to earn your high school diploma in New Hampshire, you must successfully complete the following coursework:

  • Four credits of English
  • Two credits of Mathematics
  • One credit of Physical Sciences
  • One credit of Biological Sciences
  • One credit of US and NH History and Government
  • 0.5 credit of Basic Business and Economic Education
  • One credit of Physical Education
  • 0.75 credit of Health Education
  • 0.5 credit of Arts Education
  • 0.5 credit of Computer Education
  • Seven units of Electives

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