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New Jersey requires that all students complete the Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS) in order to graduate high school. The CCCS has gone through some significant improvements over the past years in order to adjust to the increasing demands of employers and colleges. Here's some general information on what is required to graduate.
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New Jersey's Department of Education established a set of standards that each student must complete in high school called the Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS). This program has a tougher curriculum but gives students better opportunities to learn thanks to the CCCS, and to the help of educators, businesses, higher education, parents and students.

The CCCS is continually being updated and revised to better identify what students need and should know upon graduation. Teachers and curriculum specialists are given a framework in order to meet the requirements of the CCCS. This allows each school's curriculum to align with the new requirements. The framework also provides teachers with teaching approaches, adaptations, and background information pertaining to each subject area.

These are the minimum requirements set by the Board of Education in order for a student to graduate:

  • 20 credits language arts and literacy
  • 15 credits mathematics
  • 15 credits science
  • 15 credits social studies (including two courses US History)
  • 3.75 credits per year of health/physical education
  • 3.75 credits per year of technology
  • Five credits visual/performing arts (music, art, theater or dance)
  • Five credits career practical arts
  • Five credits world languages
  • 15 credits electives taken from CCCS areas

Each student must also demonstrate proficiency and comprehension in reading, writing, and mathematics as indicated in the CCCS. The test must be taken in each student's junior year. Those who fail the test in March will be given the opportunity for a retake in October and again in March of their senior years.

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