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Rhode Island is the smallest U.S. State, but each year it turns out a large number of graduating high school students. This article will guide you through the state's requirements for high school graduation.
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Rhode Island recently went through an extensive overhaul of its graduation requirements to make students better prepared for the future. In Rhode Island each of the school districts is allowed to use their own discretion for requirements, so you'll need to check with your local district to get a more detailed list. The total number of credits required is 20, and Rhode Island's Department of Education (RIDE) has set the following standards for high school graduation:

  • RIDE will establish the level of proficiency required for graduation in content areas of English/language arts, science, and mathematics. Students should be able to demonstrate the balance of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to meet the four major goals of the Island's Common Core of Learning for a New Century requirements. These include: communication, problem solving, body of knowledge, personal/social responsibility.
  • Each school district will be responsible for establishing its own definition of proficiency for graduation in Social Studies, Technology, and the Arts. Consistent with the other core content areas, each district's definition of proficiency must clearly describe the level of performance expected of all students.

PEP (Preparatory Enrollment Program)

Recent Rhode Island high school graduates with the potential and ability to succeed in college, but who do not meet college criteria for regular admission, may be eligible for participation in the Preparatory Enrollment Program. Selection preference will be given to low-income students and those who will be first-generation college students as well as to students with disabilities. The PEP program was designed to assist such students who may have underdeveloped academic skills or have received inadequate or inappropriate high school instruction.

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