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Washington State residents are proud to have one of the best school systems in the nation. The state's many school districts continually improve their curriculum to better prepare students for the challenges that they will encounter after high school. The following information is for those trying to attain a high school diploma.
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Washington is a rapidly growing state. An increasing number of families are moving to the Pacific Northwest, not only for the scenery but also for a better way of life. The state is known for its high rate of college graduates. Through its quality school districts, Washingtonians are leading the way to higher education. The following lists the minimum requirements of attaining a high school diploma according to the Washington State Board of Education, www.sbe.wa.gov:

-3 credits English

-2 credits Mathematics

-2 credits Science

-2.5 credits Social Studies

-1 credit Occupational Education

-2 credits Physical Education

-1 Restricted Elective credit

At least one of the Science credits must be a laboratory science. In Social Studies, 1 credit needs to be in U.S. History and Government, 1 credit in Contemporary World History, Geography, and Problems, and half a credit in Washington State History and Government. The credit of a Restricted Elective must be from the visual or performing arts or from any of the other subject areas above.

Students entering the 2004-05 school year are required to complete the Culminating Project prior to graduation. Each student needs to demonstrate both their learning competencies and preparations according to the state's learning goals. Each student demonstrates these essential skills through writing, reading, speaking, producing, and/or performing. Each student will have the option of constructing his or her own culminating project. Check with the appropriate school district to find out more about their processes of implementing this requirement. Remember that each school district will assess their students differently.

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