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West Virginia has made significant strides with their educational systems. Teachers are treated with respect and high school students are offered a challenging curriculum to prepare them for future endeavors. Read this article to find out what you can to do to graduate high school.
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Teachers help students to achieve success. West Virginia is committed to recognizing teachers for their hard work and dedication. According to The National Education Association (www.nea.org), investment in teachers has spurred student achievement. West Virginia was recently identified as a state making great improvements in student achievement after it raised teachers' salaries and instituted stricter licensing requirements. Read on to find out what the state requires for successful high school graduation.

Minimum Requirements to Earn a High School Diploma

The following courses make up the state's high school core curriculum:

  • English: 4 units
  • Math: 3 units
  • Science: 3 units with 2 units of a Lab
  • Social Studies: 3 units
  • Foreign Language (not required): 2 units

Total of 13 units required, 2 optional

Advanced Placement Courses

It's a good idea for those planning on attending one of West Virginia's colleges to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses for more of a challenge and college credit earnings. Taking AP courses could change your future for the positive. Through college-level AP courses, you will experience a different world of knowledge that may not be explored through standard high school courses. Through AP exams, you will have the opportunity of earning college credit or advanced standing at most of the nation's colleges and universities. It's also important to note that 78 percent of West Virginia's public high schools offer AP courses which allow high school students to earn college credit, compared to just 27 percent of West Virginia's private high schools that offer advanced courses (www.nea.org).

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