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In Wisconsin, the quality of schools is high because of the building of exciting and challenging new programs. To keep up with the state's high school graduation requirements, read the following article.
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Wisconsin recognizes that the classroom of today is not what they had in the past. Closing the achievement gap is the state's number-one priority, since it is the economic engine for ensuring long-term security for the state and for its citizens.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Education, some of the educational goals include:

  • Closing the existing achievement gap between economically disadvantaged students and their peers.
  • Improving student achievement with all students reading at or above grade level.
  • Providing special education and prevention programs to support learning and development.
  • Preventing or reduce barriers to student success.

Also, the state's high school curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure bright futures for graduates. Here are the current requirements to graduate:

-English (4 credits)

-Health (.5 credit)

-Mathematics (2 credits)

-Physical Education (1.5 credits)

-Science (2 credits)

-Social Studies (3 credits)

Students who graduate in 2008 will also have to fulfill the following requirements:

-U.S. History (1 credit in the 9th grade)

-World History (1 credit in the 10th grade)

-Civics (1 credit in the 11th grade)

Students must also show proficiency in the required subject areas by successfully passing the High School Graduation Test (HSGT) prior to graduation. Some exceptions may apply to those who don't pass.

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