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Students who attend high school in Wyoming are better prepared to enter post-secondary school due to the state's good educational system. First you have to get your diploma! Read this article to find out the state's requirements for graduation.
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According to the National Education Association (www.nea.org), Wyoming high schools are among the top schools for preparing students for college studies. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education ranks Wyoming as one of the top 13 states in the gains made over the last ten years in preparing students for college. Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) scores are also increasing. The proportion of graduating Wyoming seniors earning high verbal SAT scores has increased 13 percent since 2002. (High scores are defined as being 600 or above).

Enough about how the state's schools rank. Are you ready to graduate? The following article covers the requirements.

Wyoming's High School Graduation Requirements

The Wyoming Department of Education (soswy.state.wy.us) has created a high school core curriculum that encompasses most of each student's needs. The following are only the minimum requirements needed to qualify to graduate. Students are encouraged to take more challenging or Advanced Placement (AP) courses for college credit.

  • English - 4 years
  • Mathematics - 3 years
  • Science - 3 years
  • Social Studies - 3 years (includes history, American government and economic systems and institutions)
  • Must pass the examination on the principles of the constitution of the United States and the state of Wyoming.
  • Must show minimum proficiency on the uniform student content and performance standards for core knowledge and skills.

College Prep Curriculum

The following list outlines the requirements if you plan to apply to a local college or university.

  • English - 4 units
  • Foreign Language - 2 units
  • Mathematics - 3 units
  • Science - 3 units (with one unit of lab work)
  • Social Studies - 2 units

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