Electrician: Diploma Program Summary

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An Electrician Diploma will give you the training you need to begin a career as an electrician - the person who installs and maintains the wiring in a building. In order to earn this diploma, you will study courses such as residential and industrial wiring, circuits and connections, and electrical theory. Read the following article to find out more.
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Why earn an Electrician Diploma?

Electricians are always in demand, as electricity in all its many forms is the main power source for almost everything we use at work and at home - lights, heat (even natural gas or other heating systems often require electric ignition), television, computers, cordless telephones, refrigerators. When the power goes out, business comes to a halt until the electricians are called in to save the day and get everything up and running again. (Hopefully before the ice cream melts!)

Career possibilities

You could work as a maintenance electrician at a university, hospital, government agency, or other business where they feel the need of an onsite repairman to ensure that all power systems are constantly functioning. You could also work as a residential electrician, making house calls to private residences. You could also work for a power company, as a line installer or repairperson.

Occupational outlook

The 2006 Occupational Outlook Handbook (www.BLS.gov) reports an expected increase in employment opportunities for electricians through the year 2014 - an increase of between 9% and 17%. New technology means more machinery of every type in homes and in offices, most of it running off of electricity, thus creating an increased demand for new wiring and additional circuitry.

Salary information

Electricians in 2004 (the most recent data recorded by the 2006 Occupational Outlook Handbook, www.BLS.gov) earned a median hourly salary of $20.33. Earnings varied by industry, with electricians employed in the automotive parts industry earning the highest amount - an average of $30.04 an hour.

Coursework requirements

  • Theory of electricity
  • Safety practices for electrical work
  • Circuits and connections
  • Residential wiring
  • Industrial wiring
  • Protection devices for circuits
  • Electrical heating service

Skills you will learn

As you study for your electrician diploma you will learn wiring, electrical circuitry, electrical installation and repair, and electrical safety practices.

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