Free Online Chemistry (Other) Courses from Top Universities

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Students who are interested in studying chemistry for free can find online courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Open University. Courses covering topics ranging from computers to the chemistry of cooking are available to take at your own pace.
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Free Chemistry Courses

Other free chemistry courses are listed below. These online courses cover various areas, such as advanced kitchen chemistry and the molecular world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's OpenCourseWare platform provides students with a chance to earn an online education for free. Course topics include computers and engineering problem solving, advanced kitchen chemistry, and energy, environment, and society.

Open University

Open University's water for life course is an intro to chemistry concepts. The course uses water to illustrate the topic and it also serves as a good introduction to science. Time requirement: 15 hours. The molecular world chemistry course focuses on the problems and issues chemists are currently studying. Students will learn how to solve problems with chemistry. This is a 20-hour course for intermediate students.

Free Online Chemistry (Other) Courses At a Glance

Course & School Program Level Format Assignments Quizzes & Exams Downloadable
Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving course from MIT Undergraduate/graduate Texts/lecture notes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Kitchen Chemistry course from MIT Undergraduate Textbook Yes No Yes
Thermodynamics and Kinetics course from MIT Undergraduate Textbooks/lecture notes/video lectures Yes Yes Yes
Energy, Environment, and Society course from MIT Undergraduate Texts/lecture notes/projects Yes No Yes
Water for Life course from Open University Beginner Text Yes No Yes
The Molecular World course from Open University Intermediate Text Yes No Yes

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Grand Canyon University

  • Master of Science in Chemistry with an Emphasis in Education

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Walden University

  • MS in Education - Science (Grades K-8)

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Baker College

  • General Studies - General Science

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