Free Online Cinematic Arts Courses

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You can find courses online in cinematic arts that delve into philosophy, literature, production and storytelling in film. Find out about a few courses offered for free in several cinematic arts topics.
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Free Cinematic Arts Courses

While free online courses in cinematic arts might not offer college credit, they can be used to help you understand the field better for a degree program, career or just for personal interest.

Tufts University

The free course on film production offered at Tufts University isn't complete, but does provide several resources to teach you about creating films that involve social change. Readings used in the course are listed and must be found independently. Projects required in the original class are included in the syllabus, though the free course doesn't include significant detail, necessary equipment to complete the projects or the opportunity to submit projects for review.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a common source for OpenCourseWare, and the school offers many free courses in cinematic arts. The courses may include links to textual resources available online or for purchase, and some provide a few video lectures from the original course. A few courses include project outlines and examples, though these are offered for your own use and can't be submitted for review.

Free Online Cinematic Arts Courses at a Glance

Course & SchoolProgram LevelFormatAssignmentsQuizzes & ExamsDownloadable
Producing Films for Social Change at Tufts UniversityUndergraduateExternal resourcesYesNoNo
Philosophy of Film at MITUndergraduateText & VideoYesNoYes
Special Topics in Cinematic StorytellingGraduateExternal reading resourcesYesNoYes
Philosophy in Film and Other MediaUndergraduateText & VideoYesNoYes
Introduction to VideoUndergraduateExternal reading resourcesYesNoYes
Advanced Projects in the Visual Arts: Personal NarrativeUndergraduateExternal reading resourcesYesNoYes
Topics in the Avant-Garde in Literature and CinemaUndergrad/GraduateExternal reading resources & lecture notesYesNoYes

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