Free Online Cognition and Neuroscience Courses from Top Universities

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Course materials from real cognition and neuroscience classes at a top university are available online, absolutely free! If you're interested in neuroanatomy, sensory systems and neural learning processes, take a peek at this list.
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Free Cognition and Neuroscience Courses

In the 1960s, people began to combine the study of the brain as an anatomical object and the psychological study of the mind. This combination culminates in the brain's mechanical functions. One top college in this field offers its coursework to the public for free through Open Courseware.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The founder of neuropsychology was also the founder of MIT's Department of Brain of Cognitive Sciences: Professor Hans-Lukas Teuber. Although the department has gone through many name changes and head-of-department changes in the meantime, it remains an excellent academic program for students who wish to learn about neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and neural processes. Through Open Courseware, you can learn about the fascinating complexities of the brain, too.

Free Online Neuroscience and Cognition Courses at a Glance

CourseProgram LevelFormatAssignmentsQuizzes & ExamsDownloadable
Introduction to NeuroscienceUndergraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
Neuroscience and BehaviorUndergraduateAudio LecturesYesYesYes
Statistical Methods in Brain and Cognitive ScienceUndergraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
Cellular NeurobiologyUndergraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
Systems Neuroscience LabUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Experimental Molecular NeurobiologyUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Laboratory in Cognitive ScienceUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Neural Basis of Learning and MemoryUndergraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
Cognitive NeuroscienceUndergraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
PsycholinguisticsUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Cognitive ProcessesUndergraduateText LessonsNoNoYes
Object and Face RecognitionUndergraduate/GraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
Affect: Neurobiological, Psychological and Sociocultural Counterparts of 'Feelings'UndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Infant and Early Childhood CognitionUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Developmental NeurobiologyUndergraduate/GraduateTextbookYesYesYes
Neural Plasticity in Learning and DevelopmentGraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Brain Structure and Its OriginsUndergraduateAudio LecturesYesYesYes
Introduction to Computational NeuroscienceUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
Scene Understanding SymposiumUndergraduate/GraduateText LessonsNoNoYes
Language AcquisitionUndergraduateTextbookYesYesYes

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