Free Online Education Philosophy Courses from Top Universities

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Online education philosophy courses are offered for free by top universities, including Open University, Utah State University and the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Classes provided are at the introductory, mid-range and advanced level. Some of the topics students can learn about are inclusion education, working as a team and the family's role in child literacy.
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Free Education Philosophy Courses

Four prominent universities offer free classes in education philosophy for online study. Topics covered include behavioral problems in the classroom, gender issues, interacting online and how vision impairment affects students in the classroom. Classes include activity assignments and reading materials.

Utah State University

Individuals who select this university can participate in an analysis of online interaction. Students immerse themselves in online culture to gain a full understanding of the topic.

University of Massachusetts at Boston

Students can select this school to take a special education course that explores vision loss, specifically the psychological and social issues that may result. The course covers coping techniques, self-esteem, self-determination and various issues surrounding life management.

Open University

Through OpenLearn, individuals can choose from a range of introductory, intermediate and advanced classes dealing with education philosophy. Classes that touch on group work and togetherness examine how to share and work in collaboration with other professionals and foster an understanding of issues in inclusion education. Courses also address how science education curriculum has developed and evolved, approaches to curbing bad behavior in the classroom and how schools and families can help a child develop literacy skills. Also offered is a course that discusses what it means to be a teaching assistant (TA) in the UK. Topics in this class include the role of the TA, the labor market and contributions to the field.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT offers a free discussion-based seminar that explores gender issues in education. Students are asked to examine why males outrank females in academia and in scientific careers.

Free Online Education Philosophy Courses at a Glance

Course & School Program Level Format Assignments Quizzes & Exams Downloadable
Understanding Online Interaction course at Utah State University Undergraduate Text Yes No Yes
Psychosocial Aspects of Visual Impairment course from University of Massachusetts at Boston Graduate Text Yes Yes No
Thinking About How I Work With Other Professionals course from Open University Introductory Text Yes No Yes
Involving the Family in Supporting Pupils' Literacy Learning course from Open University Advanced Text Yes No Yes
Teaching for Good Behavior course from Open University Intermediate Text Yes No Yes
Changes in Science Education course from Open University Intermediate Text, Audio Yes No Yes
Inclusive Education: Knowing What We Mean course from Open University Advanced Text Yes No Yes
Teaching Assistants: Support in Action course from Open University Introductory Text Yes No Yes
Gender Issues in Academics and Academia course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate Text No No Yes

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