Free Online Introductory Physics Courses from Top Universities

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Students interested in studying introductory physics online will find plenty of options with courses covering basic information, such as relativity and mechanics, and even some lab experiments. Schools like the University of California and Yale University host these courses for free.
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Free Introductory Physics Courses

Free introductory physics courses are available at such prestigious universities as Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Courses listed below include a three-part series on the basics of physics, in addition to audio and video lectures on Newtonian mechanics and relativity, among other areas of study.

University of California, Irvine

The University of California, Irvine, offers students an opportunity to learn about introductory physics online for free with its three-part series on basic physics. Students can review video lectures on subjects like Newtonian dynamics, fluid dynamics, magnetism, waves and sound. Michael Dennin, PhD, Roger McWilliams PhD, and Michael Smy PhD, are the respective professors from these courses.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers free online physics courses. The first listed course is an introduction to classical mechanics. Students will participate in problem solving workshops and lab experiments. The next course is a hands-on classical mechanics course. Selection of topics includes special relativity, statics and kinematics. The standalone physics course uses TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) method of learning.

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, offers physics courses online for free. The first is a lecture-based introduction to physics course, with over 20 video lectures. The next introductory physics course consists of audio lectures available on iTunes, given by the professor, Marjorie D. Shapiro.

Yale University

Yale University offers an introductory physics course online for free. Class topics, in the form of audio and video lectures, include Newtonian mechanics, Kepler's law, relativity, Lorentz transformation, Boltzmann constant and harmonic motion, delivered from professor Ramamurti Shankar.

Free Online Introductory Physics Courses At a Glance

Course & School Program Level Format Assignments Quizzes & Exams Downloadable
Physics 3A: Basic Physics course from UC Irvine Undergraduate Video lectures No No Yes
Physics 3B: Basic Physics II course from UC Irvine Undergraduate Video lectures No No Yes
Physics 3C: Basic Physics III course from UC Irvine Undergraduate Video lectures No No Yes
Physics I: Classical Mechanics course from MIT Undergraduate Textbooks/lecture notes Yes Yes Yes
Physics I: Classical Mechanics with an Experimental Focus course from MIT Undergraduate Text/study materials Yes Yes Yes
Physics I course from MIT Undergraduate Textbook/lecture notes/labs Yes Yes Yes
Physics C10 course from UC Berkeley Undergraduate Video lectures No No Yes
Physics 8A course from UC Berkeley Undergraduate Audio lectures No No Yes
Fundamentals of Physics course from Yale University Undergraduate Audio/video lectures Yes Yes Yes

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