Free Online World History Courses from Top Universities

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If history repeats itself, then the best way to understand the future may be to understand the past. The free courses listed in this article focus on different times and/or places in world history.
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Free World History Courses

Here are 8 online World History courses offered free by top universities: the University of Notre Dame, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Open University.

University of Notre Dame

Virtual University has obtained permission to post an Islamic Societies course from the University of Notre Dame. Learn about the history and religious practices of societies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has a wealth of courses available in nearly every subject, world history included. In the Modern Latin America course, learn about the politics, relations and revolutions of Central and South America. The Introduction to Environmental History is a starting point for learning about humanity's effect on the planet from Columbus to the present day.

The Open University

The Open University has a brief and unusual history course, focusing on the history of textiles in Ghana.

Textiles in Ghana

Free Online World History Courses at a Glance

Course & SchoolProgram LevelFormatAssignmentsQuizzes & ExamsDownloadable
Islamic Societies: Religion, History and Culture course from University of Notre DameUndergraduate Yes No
Modern Latin America, 1808-Present: Revolution, Dictatorship, Democracy course from MITUndergraduateExternal Reading ResourcesYesYesYes
Introduction to Environmental History course from MITUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes
From the Silk Road to the Great Game: China, Russia, and Central Eurasia course from MITUndergraduateText LessonsNoYesYes
Nature, Environment, and Empire course from MITGraduateExternal Reading ResourcesYesNoYes
The World Since 1492 course from MITUndergraduateExternal Reading MaterialsYesNoYes
Jewish History from Biblical to Modern Times course from MITUndergraduateExternal Reading ResourcesYesYesYes
Textiles in Ghana course from Open UniversityBeginnerText LessonsYesNoYes

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