GED Practice: How to Find GED Practice Tests

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The Internet offers plenty of information for preparing for the GED (General Education Development) Exam. This article can help you locate these resources and take full advantage of them.
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How Prepared Are You for the Exam?

Do you think you need preparation for the GED Exam? If so, you should get in contact with a local adult education resource center. These centers can help you locate places that offer practice exams and can also evaluate your abilities in order to help you find the best ways to prepare for the exam.

Where Can You Find Practice Tests?

The GED testing service provides free practice tests online at You can get an idea of the test contents with this one-quarter-length test. However, passing this test is not necessarily an indicator that you are ready to take the full GED.

To better assess whether or not you are ready to take the GED, you may want to take the GED Official Practice test, which is called GED Ready. This test is one-half the length of the actual GED exam.

Besides the wide variety of online GED practice sites and the GED testing service website, most states also offer free practice exams. Check with your local Department of Education to learn more about these opportunities. You can also check out the GED Testing service website ( for more information about local resources regarding taking the practice exam as well as GED preparation classes.

There are also practice tests available in book form at your local library or bookstore as well as on the GED website ( Many books also offer practice exams to compliment the lessons learned. You can obtain books that cover just one subject or the entire battery of GED test subjects. No matter what option you choose, practice makes perfect!

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