How Can I Earn My High School Diploma?

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Though it is still the most common means of earning your high school diploma, attending a public high school is not your only option.
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High School

The majority of students prefer to attend a public or private high school where they can regularly interact with their teachers and peers. They then receive their diploma upon graduation. At a high school, many students can develop their social skills. However, some schools, particularly public institutions, are becoming increasingly crowded. Others choose to enroll in private schools which often provide more specialized education, such as those received via religious institutions. Private schools are not required to follow state guidelines, which some parents find to be particularly helpful.

Home Schooling

Some students prefer to be home-schooled so that they can receive one-on-one attention and focus on their personalized needs and strengths. Home-schooled students can also develop their social skills by making time to interact with their peers.


With advancements in online education, some students prefer attending an online high school education program. These services also provide certified high school diplomas. An online school works well for students who struggle with the pace of traditional high school courses or who are unable to attend them, such as those with physical or behavior disorders.

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