How Can I Prepare For College While in High School?

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There are several ways you can start preparing for college while in high school. This article provides suggestions to become a better candidate for admission.
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As college admission becomes increasingly competitive, students need to become aware of what schools expect of them. There are certain steps a high school student can take in order to be more prepared for college.

Advanced Placement or Enrichment Courses

If your school offers advanced placement or enrichment courses, take advantage of these classes. Taking these courses will not only challenge your thinking and inspire you academically, but many colleges take these classes into consideration when looking at student applications. If you pass the advanced placement exam at the end of the year, you may even receive college units for the course.

Community Service

It is also beneficial to get involved in your community. Many schools look fondly upon students who have strong ties with their communities and believe involved students would be a good fit for their campuses. However, you should only do community activities and volunteer programs if your heart is in it.

College Research

Do your research. Look into different colleges and decide which ones are right for you. If you narrow down which schools you may apply for, you may be able to do further research and discover what the specific requirements of each school, possibly increasing your chances of being accepted.

Contact Schools

Be aggressive. Contact the schools you are interested in and set up appointments with the counselors or deans. Taking the time to meet with the people who know the most about the college and academic programs may help you to better prepare to get into college.

Well-Rounded Student

Lastly, be a well-rounded student. Take a variety of courses and become involved in your school, whether it is a sport, club or other program. Some schools may take extracurricular courses and involvement into consideration when reviewing applications.

While applying for college may seem incredibly stressful and frightening, keep a cool head and take all the necessary steps towards going to college. Being involved in your school and community, becoming educated about the school and academic program you are interested in and being persistent may all help you to get into the right school for you.

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