How Do I Register for the GED?

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Deciding to take the GED is an excellent first step to furthering your education. Studying for the test is the next major step. But what if you feel confident in your abilities and want to finally take the GED? This article explains what happens at registration.
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Registering for the GED

Before you demonstrate your skills on the actual GED test, you must register for the test at

As of June 2015, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nevada, and Tennessee require students to take and pass the Official GED Practice Test before sitting for the GED exam. Other states, like Nebraska and Hawaii, require certain test-takers to attend a preparation course or class. In Illinois, students must pass a Constitution test in addition to the GED.

Since state requirements are subject to change, it is highly recommended to check with your state's office or department of adult education. The GED Testing Service provides a list of current state policies on its website (


Pretests should be looked at as a good thing, because they save you time and money. The free practice tests offered through the GED Testing Service are about 25% the length of the full exam and allow you to experience the format of the computer-based GED. Thus, the pretest gives you a chance to see what the real test is going be like. Also, if you do very poorly on the pretest, you know you need to study harder. This saves you money that would otherwise have been spent on a test section you probably would fail.

Paperwork Requirements

In addition to registration and possible prerequisites like the practice test, there are a few other paperwork items to make sure are in order before test day.

Many states require test-takers be residents of their respective states. However, even states without a residency requirement still need to confirm your identity. A government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver's license) is the easiest method to prove both identity and residency. If you don't have a government-issued photo ID, you should contact your state to learn about your options.

Another area to consider is accommodations for special needs. Accommodation requests are typically made during the registration process. However, most states require documentation to validate the request. Once again, checking with the state's adult education office is a wise decision.

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