How can a 16 Year Old Apply for a GED Age Waiver?

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In most states and jurisdictions, anyone 18 and older is eligible to take the General Education Development, or GED high school equivalency test. However, most states also allow anyone 16 and older to take the GED if they have an age waiver and other types of documentation.
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GED Eligibility Requirements

States that award high school equivalency diplomas to people who pass the GED Test all have specific sets of eligibility requirements. Underage GED candidates who are 16-18 years old typically need to submit several types of documents before they are allowed to take the GED test. While each state has different rules, most states require one or more of the following documents:

  • An official withdrawal from school letter or form signed by a school superintendent
  • A letter of consent signed by a parent or guardian
  • An official GED Age Waiver Form required by some states
  • A written request for GED testing from an employer, college admissions officer or military recruiter
  • Documentation proving legal emancipation
  • Proof of residency
  • A recommendation from a court officer

Some states have additional requirements and conditions for undersage GED candidates. For example, Nebraska requires a hand-written statement from underage candidates explaining why they left school and why they want to take the GED. Delaware is one of several states that requires underage test takers to submit a copy of their high school transcript. Utah, Georgia and Arkansas require anyone who is 16 or 17 to participate in a GED preparation program through an adult education center before taking the actual GED test.

You can check the requirements for each state on the GED Testing Service website, . Most states that require underage candidates to complete specific age waiver and withdrawal forms have provided links to pages where those forms can be downloaded and printed out.

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